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album-Bob-Marley--The-Wailers-Rebel-Music“The Baldhead Dread Hour” Classic Roots Reggae request hour with your host BaldiLocks.  Listen in and hear all of your favorite classics, plus a lot of songs that you may not know.  Tune in every Monday-Thursday 4pm-5pm and join the fun via Facebook and chat live and request songs with BaldiLocks.

MAITHOAVATAR(1)“African International” Conscious Hip Hop, Reggae, Afro Beat, Salsa, Jazz, R&B and more! African International is an eclectic mix of the very best progressive music from throughout the African World. African International also includes interviews and social commentary. Join Maitho every Thursday from 7-8 PM Pacific as he takes you on an authentic journey exploring the common aspirations and struggles of a dispersed Nation.



  1. Emily Witer · · Reply

    Josh’s show is rad!!!

    1. Baldilocks · · Reply

      HAHA…Baldilocks loves you

  2. Loved Sarina’s show last night. Cool info.

  3. Miiiiiic!!!

    Rocking the mic!!! Keep up the great work brotha :)

  4. birthday wishes from Kentucky!!!!

  5. Frank Candido · · Reply

    Good music hooked up to my aux working on my logo

    1. Frank Candido · · Reply

      Good music today….

  6. The would you like that song was dope talking about white boys wanting to be black!!

  7. keep up the good work, and can you play some island music

  8. Yvette Moore · · Reply

    I really enjoyed the 9pm-10pm listening last night. Yeah… Finally oldies that I can get into.

  9. i love cal the love doctors show..

  10. Henry Ford · · Reply

    I love the jams y’all play keep the good work. Cal…

  11. Henry Ford · · Reply

    Good music Cal. Keep up the good work

  12. BaldiLocks kills it! He works for the Padres too! Media badass

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